Navigating The Video Vault

Video Vault Overview

Here is an overview of the video vault and how to get the most from it

Train & Brain Video Vault

The video vault is a monthly investment for what is essentially the back end of the live group program. All of the content, resources, exercise tutorials and more live in the vault. Each month additional content is added such as workouts, meditations and material to ensure your growth. The only difference is I am not there and neither is the community or group support. For that reason, it costs much less than the group program and I created it so that anyone wanting to own their health could do so

The vault also makes a great stepping stone from the free course once you feel you need something a bit more challenging. The workouts are tougher, longer and cover small equipment such as kettlebells, clubs, dumbbells, resistance bands and Powerwave as well as bodyweight. You also have over 150 exercise tutorials showing you how to use the equipment safely to maximise your enjoyment and results

The vault is ideal for people that are not quite ready for the gym, or do not want to go to the gym, and just want a routine to follow when it suits them at home. The great thing about the vault is you can access the content anywhere on mobile and desktop and it suits your needs and schedule

My recommendations are to use it to build a solid routine over time. 20-30 minutes where your fitness and mental wellbeing needs are met and you have set yourself up for the day. These foundations can be life changing and will serve you well for many years. Health is not a luxury, but something accessible to all with the right path, dedication and courage to step up and do what is required to take ownership and create powerful habits I look forward to your success story

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