What Is Train & Brain?

Train & Brain Overview

Train & Brain - an overview of my journey and why I created this coaching program

Train & Brain is largely the combination of my life’s work and 2 areas of passion –

Physical fitness and mental wellbeing

I focused on the body for almost 30 years and then the mind for close to a decade, but always had a deep interest in behaviour from my degree in psychology 25 years ago. You could say that walking these paths in isolation made me realise how truly powerful they are when combined. While you can work them independently, you soon realise they overlap and interact at so many levels and that is why Train & Brain took shape. I realised the people that would love to find a route to fitness and health at some level would have work to do in both of these areas and I decided to meet those needs completely

Moving from athletes and coaches and people wanting to join The Avengers, Train & Brain is largely for the lost and burnout professional that is honest enough to hold their hand high and ask for help. They know they cannot do it alone, have a record of failure and have almost given up looking for solutions. To my knowledge, there is no other coach in the UK that is offering this level of coaching, support and knowledge backup for mind and body and showing up daily as I know that is what is required for long-term habits and eventually independence

Monday to Friday at 10 am GMT you have me for 10 minutes, 20 minutes and up to 60 minutes in order to keep you on track

Monday you exercise live with me from the comfort of your home and with small, portable and affordable equipment that when combined with body weight gives you hundreds of possible exercises and therefore thousands of potential routines for life. The program exists at 4 levels

1 – Free – yep, absolutely nothing in order to build a meaningful relationship of trust and to remove doubt. Not a swipe file or 10 fat loss tips, but a fully hosted video course that could easily sell for a few hundred pounds. Free because I want to help and with no expectations, pressure or sales tactics. A lot of people will make progress with this course. It has 30 days of videos on many areas of life that are essential to understand yourself and your health. There are several gentle home exercise routines with bodyweight to get you started. The program includes –



Qi Gong

Fat loss tracker


Gratitude Journal

Meal plans and recipe packs

Exercise routines

Warm up



Progress tracker

As you can see, more than enough for progress and for some people, so much that they will never need me and that is fine

2 – The video vault. The back end of Train & Brain is a professional video course covering over 150 exercises including –






Resistance bands

Foam roller for recovery

There are currently 30 workouts for bodyweight and small equipment and 5 ebooks including my health trilogy on Amazon. Each month there are updates including new workouts, meditations and content to keep you on track and making progress for less than the monthly cost of most gyms

3 – Group Live program - The signature program is Train & Brain live and as well as the vault and course platform, you have a Facebook group with all content stored for convenience and also me coaching live Weekdays for 90% of the year. Yes, I do take time off to recover and deliver my best

The idea is that small doses over time stack up to create powerful change and I know people lost at sea with their health need this level of support for solid foundations. I know coaches charging £400, £800 and over £1000 for private group programs where you get a weekly call, onboarding and limited support. Nobody gives you a growing archive of currently 200 videos and daily contact with evening live roundups for any group questions. I have stepped up and am committed to your success. You just have to step up and meet me halfway. I also think you will find the price for the monthly coaching unbelievable as several coaches I have shown it to said it should be at least 3-5 times the price. However, I want everyone to have the option of this path

4 – 1-1 Me and you on your terms and to fit your schedule – simple and currently a 12-week program for mind and body

So you have free, solo, group and private. Same program, different amounts of content and different levels of me coaching you and support

To help you out – start with free and then see what you are drawn to. I would say 70% would benefit from the group as you are not left working it out on your own and the rest will split between solo and private. Switching between them is also possible as you may do a couple of months with me for foundations and confidence then drop to the group, or do the vault for foundations and jump into the group or 1-1 if you find the accountability, feedback and guidance is missing and essential

I am here to change lives and the program was created to change lives. Nobody coming through this journey will leave the same person as long as they show up and do a decent amount of work for a few months