Train & Brain Expectations

Train & Brain Expectations

How much do I have to do to make progress?

Train and Brain expectations

I won’t mention a piece of string and leave you hanging on it. Having worked with thousands of people and trained for over 30 years across several fields, I am well aware of the minimum effective dose

Just to help you land peacefully

None of you need to exercise for an hour a day

None of you need to meditate for an hour a day

None of you need to be up at 3 am

None of you need to jump in a cold bath

None of you need to wing it on 5 hours of sleep

The backbone of this program is being kind to yourself and meeting your needs at an acceptable level

I often cover the 5 pillars of health and they are a great framework for lasting health foundations. I will cover each one with a recommendation of how much time to dedicate to them in order to see progress

1 – Exercise

You can enter this arena perfectly well with 5-10 minutes a day, or slightly longer sessions every other day with recovery. I will teach you how 40 minutes of gym can be done in 10 minutes of intelligent compound exercise and circuits at home

2 – Sleep

Aim for 8 hours and a regular sleep and wake time across the week

3 – Nutrition

Make an effort to shop mindfully, minimise junk and snacks and eat slower while chewing more. Establish your daily calories and aim for a 10%-20% deficit while maintaining energy levels throughout the day

4 – Hydration

Take 1 week to establish your daily average and then increase 250ml a week until you range 2l – 3l per day average

5 – Mindfulness – stress management

10 minutes a day sitting in deep reflection and an acceptance of whatever surfaces is enough here for the first few months

As an overview –

Exercise well and daily for around 10 minutes, get regular and quality sleep, make better food choices from a calorie deficit, set a reminder to meet your hydration goals and sit for 10 minutes in acceptance

Not that difficult I am sure you will agree. In fact, the meditation sessions are only 10 minutes for that very reason. Why want a 60-minute mediation when most people can’t sit still for 2 minutes and do nothing while being present

Small steps done often and most of the time will get you there