Train & Brain Group Program LIVE

Group Program Overview

Here is an overview of the group program and how it really could change your life

What is the Train & Brain group program?

The group program is my signature program and how I get to impact in the biggest way possible

It is set up as a framework that delivers regular small doses as I know what is required to create change

When you have a coach or trainer for an hour a week it is every hour you are not with them that is an opportunity to doubt and sabotage. Even being part of a group can feel isolated at times as nobody gets you and we can feel alone in a faceless crowd

I have created this program as the daily contact and support are just enough to deliver and not enough to overwhelm. Nobody needs 6 gym sessions a week or hours of meditation. The goal is to build the foundations you currently lack and then create independence over time

Monday to Friday I am coaching you LIVE in the group and you have a complete course platform as a backup to keep you going outside of this

You have -

Monday – Train with Steve – a home exercise session with me to ensure you can move well and know how to perform the basics

Tuesday – The academy – presentations, talks and guest speakers to share knowledge on all things health and progress

Wednesday – Hotseats – deep dive session that a more like a personal coaching session than a group Q&A

Thursday – Meditation, breathing or Qi Gong – the zen zone to help you relax and unwind

Friday – Q&A – throw it all at me and get clarity on 3 major areas – anything to do with the program, physical fitness or mental well-being

Monday to Friday you have me on a regular basis and in small doses to give you the support required for change. All questions in the group will also be answered as a livestream in the evening Monday – Thursday as Friday is movie night with the kids and Friday is also the group Q&A session which can be up to 1 hour if required

Aside from holidays as I also need to recover to be at my best, and possible emergencies, you will have me most of the time and also have a support group and course platform to keep you plugged in

I am committed to delivering my best service to the best of my ability

Are you?

Group Live Program