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Free Program Overview

Here is an overview of the free program and how to get the most from it

Train & Brain Free Program

The free program has one objective – good foundations

From there you will be amazed at what you can build over time and without them not much will happen

The free course is ideally aimed at busy and burnt-out professionals that have had more than one run at their health and collapsed in disaster for whatever reason

There is weight to lose

You are not sure how to do it

You are close to giving up

You are not sure who to trust

Your head is all over the place

If you fit any or most of the above then you are in the right place

Having spent a huge amount of time coaching thousands of people I realised a long time ago that the biggest and most important part of health and the ability to change is often missed in many coaching programs. For years, personal trainers had food and gym, but lacked the mindset aspect of exploring who you are, what created the version of you that is here now, what maintains it and why change is met with big resistance. The course will give you insights into the many areas of awareness that I have personally seen change lives. This change is often so profound that they no longer even need me as a coach in a very short space of time. They know how to eat well, find time for exercise and are well aware of how they are the architect of most of their suffering. From here you are more than ready to fly solo

The program is loaded with enough for everyone. Whether you are looking for simple home workouts, meditations, journals and planners, some information on sleep, forgiveness, gratitude or the very nature of what it means to be human, it is all in there. Go through the content, see what resonates with you, take some notes and then come back to the important parts and make an agreement with yourself to invest 20 minutes daily into a basic routine of exercise, stretching, breathing and meditation and the difference will speak for itself

Far too many people see health as a luxury and only realise the dangers of putting it off until later when something serious arrives and knocks them to their knees. Prevention is much better than cure and so focus on who you are becoming by stepping up and having the courage to own your health and meet your needs at a level you are proud of

After all, I have done most of it for you

Lastly – please do let me hear your success stories once they arrive

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